Picture credit: Wildfyre Labradors

About OK-9 Corral Bed & Biscuits

Mission & Philosophy

Popular Culture and canine research have heightened awareness of dogs as highly social animals that require interaction with other dogs and people to achieve their optimal role in society. At the OK-9 Corral , we are able to reach out to those special needs of our canine guests. It is a healthy, calming and entertaining to watch a "pack" of dogs playing for social stimulation. Our mission is to promote that human-animal bond through a safe secure and stimulating environment for all dogs.

Lonny and Pam Clifner

Hey Everybody! We are Lonny and Pam Clifner, owners and dreamers at the OK-9 Corral Bed & Biscuits, Inc. Our kennel goes far and beyond just taking care of dogs...we understand they are family. You don't stay at hospitals when you go on vacation and neither should your dog! Let them have fun at camp while you're gone. So book that tour and become part of the pack your dog wants!


Hi! I am Josie, also known as Nanny Jo. I was first introduced to the OK-9 Corral Bed & Biscuits,Inc when I was 5 years old! The Clifners were sponsors and coaches of our T-Ball team! Fast forward a few years...I am a 2014 graduate of Springdale Highschool, traveled with the Clifners in 2014/15 on a 5 month mission trip with YWAM in Mexico. Graduated my own Discipleship Training School in February 2016 with YWAM...and back to the OK-9 Corral and the ranch. My duties are vast and include wrangling dogs, solid waste engineering, children rearing and gearing, ranch wrangler with the sheep-chickens-cows and pigs, grooming mostly dogs and the toddlers too! I love my job in every aspect and would love to spoil your furry partner pooch when they stay at the kennel!


Hi! I am Carley and have known the Clifner family since I was an itty 5 year old! I enjoy every aspect of working at the OK-9 Corral Bed & Biscuits! You can usually find me organizing everything, methodically cleaning, or making art out of a groom! I am always looking forward to spending my days with your dog family! See you soon!